First Appointment

At your child's first dental visit, we will have the privilege of introducing your child to dentistry with a prevention oriented approach in a friendly and comfortable setting. Our efforts will be directed towards developing a positive relationship with you and your child, and to work as a team to help provide for a healthy smile.

You can expect a thorough review of your child's medical and dental history, a comprehensive dental examination, a demonstration of oral hygiene techniques, cleaning of teeth and a discussion regarding other preventive measures that may be recommended. Young children will be gently introduced to these procedures while being comfortably held in the lap of their parent. Our experience is that starting this relationship early with children is the most effective way to allow for children who "look forward to their dental visits."

Our goal is to help guide your child toward a healthy smile for a lifetime. Early childhood dental visits allow us to help promote existing positive healthy habits, modify habits that may place children at risk for dental disease, and help to promote a team oriented approach to preventive dentistry for your child.

At the completion of your child's first dental visit we will discuss with you the dental examination and findings and then review any recommended treatment. Additionally, we will establish an individualized prevention plan so that your child may enjoy the benefits of preventive dentistry.